About Us

To start, thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback: admin@buckeyepepper.com

Buckeye Pepper Company, a child of Old Barn Nursery, is a supplier of rare seeds that you won't find at Walmart, Burpee or other commercial seed vendors. Some seeds such as Habanero Orange while you might find at chain stores, they are also treated with chemicals. All our plants are grown naturally and no chemicals are used in processing seeds.

We are a rather large family that has been planting and growing hot peppers since 2005. We originally did this for our own uses but since 2011, we have been selling commercially. Our product line includes over 200+ seed varieties, dried peppers (by request only and in season), and starting in 2012, fresh chili peppers (seasonal). In 2015 we hope to be bringing hot sauce and spices to our product line.What started out as about 20 plants became 1100 in 2012 and over 25,000 now. Through the pepper industry, we have met a lot of great friends and enjoyed some fine products from a lot of companies. We hope our small part in this industry will help promote it and get the knowledge (and products) out to the people who are unfamiliar with the pepper industry. 

We are a small family pepper farm and we take pride in our plants and products and we do our best to make sure you get what you order. We do not buy bulk seeds and resell. 

For fresh chile peppers, we supply the produce industry, sauce companies and many co-packers. We also sell retail boxes from small to large. In 2014 we started selling seedlings on a retail market to individuals as well as many other type organizations. Seeds are sold to organizations (not bulk) as well as individuals.

Our name change from Old Barn Nursery to Buckeye Pepper Company was to better align our name with our product. When Jen and I first started Old Barn Nursery, we had planned on actually becoming a nursery that provided plants of all kinds, including vegetable. Since that time, we have been purely focused on Chile Peppers, hence the name change. Old Barn Nursery still exists and will continue to exist but as of 2013 we are doing business as Buckeye Pepper Company for the Chile Pepper side of the business. 

Thank you for visiting our site and being a valued customer. We hope to be your #1 source for chili seeds and peppers.


Our family: Mike, Jen, Eliza (not pictured), Austin, Kevin, Logan, Grace, Dallin, Izabel, Andru