Who is Buckeye Pepper Company?

Buckeye Pepper Company, formerly Old Barn Nursery, is simply a DBA (doing business as) under Old Barn Nursery LLC

Why the name change?

When we started Old Barn Nursery LLC, our intentions were to eventually have a full nursery (plants, flowers, etc). This may still happen in the future but our business as of today is only chile pepper related. The term "nursery" really doesnt apply to what we currently do or what this has grown into. We wanted to do business under a name which more represented what we are and what we do (and where we are) which is where Buckeye Pepper Company came from.

Does Old Barn Nursery still exist?

Yes it does! The LLC is still filed under Old Barn Nursery and will stay that way.

If I am currently a registered customer do I have to register?

No! All the data including customers, past orders, and everything else was migrated to the new name and new website. If you're a registered customer simply log in with the same credentials you have always used.

Do you still sell the hottest and best peppers on the planet?

Yes we do! :)

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