There are a lot of great companies offering many fabulous products. Here are a few of them that we personally enjoy.

The Puckerbutt Pepper Company: 

Home of the Smokin' Eds Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper on the planet. Puckerbutt offers sauces, seeds, jellies, spices and much more.






Redhawk Premium Peppers: 

"I've been growing hot peppers for over a decade and finally decided to start offering my spicy wares for sale. We have everything from hot sauces to hot pepper jams, spice rubs, dried powders, and even hot pepper seeds."




Lucky Dog Hot Sauce: 

"My mission is to produce the most balanced, flavorful and versatile hot sauces possible - ones that can be used on everything and appeal to all tastes from moderate to strong heat, without overpowering food. I have great respect for people who cook well and/or appreciate a good meal. The best compliment to Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is that people choose to use it liberally on their favorite dishes.

I believe in flavor above all else, which is why Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is created with savory fire-roasted hot peppers, sweet carrots, tangy vinegar, fresh onions, assorted dried peppers, and heaps of roasted garlic. It brings a complex taste with respectable heat. Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is truly Food's Best Friend!

Lucky Dog Hot Sauces are all natural and are made with only the highest quality ingredients in a stunningly clean and modern production kitchen by experienced production chefs in beautiful Sonoma, California"



Bigfat's Hot Sauce: 

"Welcome to the home of Bigfat's Hot Sauce. Our hot sauces are all natural made with fresh ingredients you can taste in every mouthful. High quality ingredients make high quality sauce and that's what you get from us. We have a variety of great flavors backed and packed with just the right amount of heat. From beginner chilebaby to pro chilehead, they get your taste buds revved up and ready for more."






High River Sauces: 

"High River Sauces was started by music industry veteran, food junkie and Heavy Metal Cookbook author Steve Seabury. His cookbook titled Mosh Potatoes (Simon & Schuster) is a collection of recipes from the biggest bands in Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. While putting together the cookbook Seabury found that his passion for food was shared by many of his favorite icons. He wanted to bring his shared passion of food and music to the masses. High River Sauces has been formed out of this passion.

High River Sauces will provide the music and food fanatic with artisan sauces made from the best organic ingredients for that ultimate culinary experience. Each bottle of sauce will be cranked up to 11 to give your taste buds that true Rock & Roll Explosion.

So fire up that grill, put the beers on ice and turn up them tunes. Welcome to High River my friend."



HeartBreaking Dawns: 

"Heartbreaking Dawns is the Hudson Valley, NY and Tri-State Area’s premier producer of all-natural artisan sauces and spice blends.  The company is independently owned and operated by husband and wife team Chef Johnny and Nicole McLaughlin.  The formation of the company began by transforming items from their garden into delicious sauces, putting those sauces into bottles, and adding eye-catching labels.  While bringing the sauces to family and friends houses for BBQ’s during the summer of 2008, a friend suggested taking the sauces to a local festival and selling them to the public.  Johnny and Nicole were thrilled by the response they had received at that first festival and went home, made more sauce, and signed up for more festivals.   They had no idea that in a short time, those exciting creations would become some of the most talked about and sought after products on the market."





Born To Hula: 

"All of our sauces are hand made in a local kitchen with the freshest ingredients. We like to run small batches to keep it more personal. Our peppers are hand picked and bought from local farmers’ markets in the Monmouth New Jersey area. Along with our perfectly aged pepper mash and exotic dried chilies we are able to make a more delicious product for you the consumer."



Smoking J's Fiery Foods: 

"Smoking J’s Fiery Foods is a family owned and operated farm business located in Western North Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain town of Candler which is just a few short miles west of Asheville. Asheville is a city rich with naturally grown, artfully produced and lovingly prepared cuisine and so much more.

We take great pride in offering a diverse line of original hand crafted specialty food products and great emphasis is placed on environmentally friendly farming practices as well as natural and preservative free sauces.

Currently our product line includes seasonally fresh peppers, pepper mash, dried peppers and a wide variety of hot sauce, bbq sauce, salsa and blended dry rubs, and we are adding new products all the time."

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